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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

ghoulish ice-scream float

so it's less than a week to Halloween and you are probably starting to get some ideas for your Halloween party.
have you thought about drinks.
here is a great idea for a drink that looks great for kids parties and tastes even better.

what you need:

  • ice cream of your choice ( vanilla and mint work best for ghoul icescream) 
  • fizzy drinks (lemonade is better but you can use anything including coca-cola)
  • food colouring (blood red, ghostly green, black,yellow anything you like)
  • scary sweet/candy (jelly snakes and spiders work well or even white chocolate mice) 
  • ...or add fruit for the healthy option. 
first take a large sundae glass or a tall glass if you don't have either ask an adult if they have a pint glass you could borrow.
fill it about two thirds with your chosen ice cream flavor you could even mix more than one ice cream flavor together to see what different effects you get.

next add your fizzy drink and fill just under the top of the glass. 
it should froth up nicely to create a creepy ghostly foam.

you can add different food colouring to create different effects and colours.

 you can add halloween sweets/candy to your creation to make it extra scary or add fruit for the healthy option.

add mint ice cream and green food colouring to get a ghoulish green ice scream float

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