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throughout this site i hope you find some inspiration, every single person has a dream they wish they could achieve, what's your wish?

through the use of this site i aim to tick every item off my list and raise £500,000 for Make-A-Wish foundation uk. I hope you can be part of that too.

please feel free to browse the site, make a donation via the 'just giving' link if you can, and do not hesitate to contact me at you can also send stories and pictures that maybe published here if you like.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

send us your kids anecdotes!!!

do you have kids or know some or just simply remember funny stories from your child hood?
well great get in touch! you see after item 462 interview a group of kids i decided some answers were just to brilliant and too funny to keep to my self. so i have decided i will publish them in a book proceeds will go to make a wish foundation.

I will give you the name's i have decided for each chapter just to give you a clue on the type of material i am looking for, though feel free to send any story that you think deserves a place in the book! those selected will get a name credit in the book (though you can opt out if you don't want it) just send your story to with the words 'kids say funny things' in the subject bar then after your story or answers to some of the sample questions below just write 'credit and the name you wish to credit'

please keep all material clean and suitable remember it's a book about how kids think, and it's sales are intended to help kids too so think sensibly!
here are the chapters and a couple of sample questions to give you a clue, the kind of material i am looking for...
chapter 1
mummies and daddy's              

  • what is a daddy'sjob?
  • what is the best thing about your mummy?

chapter 2

  • how would you change school if you could? 
  • what games do you play at school?
  • worst thing about school?


  • what do you think about our current prime minister?
  • if you were in charge of the country what would you do?

chapter 4

  • what is climate change/what do you think about it?
  • litter good or bad?

Growing up

  • what do you do in your summer holidays?
  • what's the worst injury you have ever gotten?


  • do you have a mobile (cell) phone

the future

  • what will be invented?
  • what do you want to be when you grow up?


so if you have stories relating to these chapters or any story that a child has done or said that could be include please get in touch, would love to hear from you.maybe you don't have a great funny story but would love to contribute ask your children or nephew's/nieces some of the sample questions above!(please ensure you have parental permission before interviewing a child)

Monday, 1 August 2011

text your donations

you can now text MAWF72 plus an amount you want to donate to 70070 (amounts of £1,£2,£3,£4,£5,£10)
 100% of the donation goes to Make-A-Wish!!!!

so do your bit and help to help terminally ill children live their wish
amounts must be in pounds sterling minimum donations are £1 maximum £10 though you can text as many times as you like!
donation via text will incur you standard text message rate (check with your supplier to find out what it is)
as far as i am aware you can text outside of the uk too just be aware that donations are in £sterling (GB pounds) so you may wish to check the conversion of your donation before you text!

(and to avoid any confusion Vodafone run the scheme however you can text via any network)

thanks for you help

MAWF72  plus the amount you want to doante to 70070