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throughout this site i hope you find some inspiration, every single person has a dream they wish they could achieve, what's your wish?

through the use of this site i aim to tick every item off my list and raise £500,000 for Make-A-Wish foundation uk. I hope you can be part of that too.

please feel free to browse the site, make a donation via the 'just giving' link if you can, and do not hesitate to contact me at you can also send stories and pictures that maybe published here if you like.

bucket list 1-200

red complete, orange in the process

1. climb mount everest
2. set the new world record for fast crossing of english channel in an amphibious car.
3. raise £500,000 for make a wish foundation uk
4. climb the 3 peaks challenge in 48hrs
5. white water raft
6. build a snow car
7. road trip across the USA
8. 48 continental peaks of the USA
9. around the world by natural power
10. complete the 7 summits
11. complete a grandslam
12. complete the 8000 er's challenge
13. publish a graphic novel
14. publish a comic book
15. party in the bahamas
16. be PADI qualified (divemaster)
17. swim with great white sharks get fantastic photographs
18. feed hammerheads, reef sharks, silver,black and white tip sharks in bahamas.
19. unicycle properly
20. pamplona's bull run
21. go to a mardi gras festival (like jazz week)
22. dinner in the russian tea rooms
23. build giant match stick models
24. viist the kenedy space centre
25. watch a shuttle launch
26. visit gatorland florida
29. take a kid on a shopping spree.
30. take a group of kids to disneyworld
31. eat at planet hollywood
32. shop in new york
33. make over £1000 on ebay in one week
34. pitch an idea on dragons den
35. drive a bugatti veyron
36. help 50 like minded people with their lists
37. help out a stranger
38. go down a waterslide in the middle of a really large road
39. build augmented reality, interative glasses to take over 3D one's
40. design and build my own super car
41. build a kit helicopter
42. make furniture from wood
43. design a car for a well known company
44. build a hovercraft
45. build a kit plane
46. get my F.A.I certificate D for skydiving
47. learn skysurfing
48. be bulletproof
49. write off a drum kit
50. set something on fire with thermite
51. stroke tigers
52. drive a supercar on the autobahn
53. drive/ own a mustang 65 (with a shelby engine)
54. do the marine camando course (for help for heroes)
55. sandboard in the desert
56. skydive from the top of a hotair balloon
57. walk a beam from one hotair balloon to another
58. build a bicycle
59. build an eccentric bicycle
60. make life size lego models
61. stay in a beach hut
62. learn flemenko dancing
63. skate on the lake in central park (when frozen)
64. hit a home run in baseball on a famous pitch
65. shoot a gun at ballistics jelly
66. learn surf instructor
67. learn to be a snow board instructor
68. go to new zealand cricket academy 12 weeks
69. learn to be sailing instructor
70. have a cricket bat signed for auction
71. get a signed drun kit, guitar etc for auction
72. get free stuff to sell at auction
73. host massive picnic in central park for anyone to join
74. ride in a jet pack
75. go on a surf surfari (learn to surf first)
76. go loco i acapulco
77. treck the macchu piccu trail
78. see area 51
79. road trip of europe
80. run a marathon on every continent
81. oktoberfest germany
82. liepaja extreme prison experience (lativa)
83. learn to juggle
84. test drive a ferrari/lamborghini at the nuirburgh ring germany
85. drive an F1 car
86. open track day
87. take a landrover seriously off road
88. para gliding
89. learn to pilot an aircraft
90. paramotoring
91. go into space
92. build an eco friendly engine that does not comprimise on power and performance
93. design and build a rollercoaster
94. slack linning
95. set a world record
96. publish a novel
97. write a film script
98. write a TV script
99. be an extra in a film
100.learn circus skills from 50 airports worldwide
102.visit 90+ of the worlds countries
103.skateboard on a damm (like hoover damm)
104.treck the grand canyon
105.see a game at wembely
106.nottinghill carnival
107.duderanching/jillaroo (cattle mustering, cowgirl lifestyle)
108.rollerblade on a rollercoaster
109.wrestle an aligator
110.ride a bull
111.pass driving test a rally car
113.have a go at stock car racing
114.ride in a helicopter
115.dumper truck racing
117.abseil from a helicopter
118.stunt driving academy
119.JCB digger driving truck driving
121.tai chi
122.have a go on a potters wheel
123.participate in a redbull air race in a tigermouth (aerobatics)
125.wingwalking a tank a fire engine/police car/ ambulance
127.go in a speed boat
128.water ski
131.swim with dolphins
132.feed tigers
133.bungee jump kawarau bridge (new zealand) climbing yaughting
136.kite boarding
139.spy academy
140.night with the SAS survival skills a jauggernaut
143.CSI for a day forensic skills
144.scuba dive the great barrier reef
145.kangaroo ball the great wall of china
146.wildlife tour galapagos
147.raft calorado river (grand canyon)'s biggest rope swing (nepal) gravity flight (florida)
150.ride a russian MIg 15
151.climb sydney harbour bridge at the underwater resturant (fiji) tomatina bunol (spain, tomatoe fight)
154.snorkel with wales (norway)
155.costa rica zip wire hotel (sweeden)
157.get my kicks on route 66
159.float in the dead sea
160.see uluru from above (ayres rock australia)
161.ride a tandem bike
162.try to drink a yard of ale
163.cook a full proper meal on a camp fire photographed with 50 elvis impressonators in 1 week in vegas a memorial garden for my mum
166.have my hand writing analysed
167.carve a jack-o-latern for halloween a zoo keeper for a day sumo wrestling in japan
169.see a show in blackpool tower
170.bowl a perfect game (300 points)
171.get a hole in one (golf)
172.score a slamdunk (basketball -so badly want to do this)
173.publish a novel
174.publish a children's book
175.illustrate a children's book
176.spend a week as a vegetarian
177.get into an a listers party
178.get back stage at a show
179.change a barrel in a pub
180.learn to bar flair
181.learn sign langauge
182.learn 5 new langauges (over time)
183.go to a seance
184.get branded
185.ride a tuk tuk a digeredoo
187.trampoline properly
188.make a robin hood shot in archery (split an arrow with another arrow)
189.have a caricature done
190.enjoy a dose of valium
191.make a gingerbreadhouse an arm wrestle
193.dive off a high board
194.go caving meaningful tattoo
196.enter a limbo contest
197.volunteer /scouts leader
198.soak in a hot tub outside in the snow
199.sleep in a hamock on the beach
200.banger racing