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Sunday, 30 October 2011

#167 carve a jack o'lantern - COMPLETE

so here it is folks!
i've finally done it carved a jack o'lantern worthy of sitting on the front step. (well worthy enough)

i do appologise for the clarity of the pictures, they look much better in the dark, but my camera isn't capable of taking better shots than this after many attempts this was the best picture i could get.
but i hope you agree with me that they turned out rather well. in case you can't see it's Ghost Busters (my guilty pleasure) and Frankenstein. 

to make your own you need:

  • a large pumpkin
  • a Stanley knife or carving tools
  • a large food bowl
  • a large/ medium container
  • a scoop or sturdy spoon
  • a punch or pen to make a start hole for caving 
  • paper
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • tea light
what to do:
1. first take a piece of paper and a pencil and draw a stencil of your character onto it (you can find pictures and even stencils on line) 

2. cut the pieces that the light will shine through out using the scissors if there is a bit that needs scoring or not cut all the way through then use a different colour pen to indicate this for when you are carving

3. next cut a circle into the top of your pumpkin. this will be your lid so put it to one side but do not discard it. you may want to put some newspaper down and have hand wipes ready as the next bit is messy. 

4. next take a scoop and remove ALL of the flesh from the insides it is messy you have been warned, separate the pips and the flesh into the two different bowls and containers. (keep both the flesh and the pips as they can be used later to make some tasty treats.

5. once your pumpkin is completely gutted give a wipe with a paper towel then lay your stencil on one side and draw through the hole you created remember to draw on the bits that need to be scored in too. if you want to carve free hand with no stencil or drawing that's fine.

6. next use your punch to make a small hole along where you are going to cut. (the punch makes it easier to get carving tools into the pumpkin) 

7. cut all of your shapes out. be careful  with any sharp tools you are using. cut into the pumpkin but not all the way through for scoring. (you will score any bits that you want light to shine through but not completely cut out. and also bits that if you do cut all the way through parts of the pumpkin would fall off,)

8. once you have completed carving give the pumpkin a wipe to get rid of excess flesh then light a tea candle and place inside the pumpkin and place the lid back on top.

remember those pumpkin flesh and pumpkin seeds i told you to keep well why not check out pumpkin pie and pumpkin soup pages for recipes on using your flesh. the lightly bake the seeds in an oven for a healthy snack  or add to the top of your soup and pie.