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Saturday, 18 June 2011

world record pass the parcel

to celebrate their 25 Th birthday Make-A-Wish foundation UK help the biggest game of pass the parcel.

the parcel measured a whopping 1.55meters in length and breadth and 4 meters in depth.
there were 25 layers in total to mark the 25th birthday with each layer concealing a special present or wish. the present made a tour of the UK stopping at various locations to accomplish this great feat well done guys and girls, keep up the hard work!!!!

by 2012 Make-A-Wish uk aim to grant 1000 ill children's wishes a year this will cost a staggering £5.5million a year! 1,200 a year are referred to Make-A-Wish in the uk alone to have their special wish granted and Make-A-Wish foundation want to grant each one of those children their wish! so help me raise some money to take some of this burden away from them,
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