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Saturday, 22 October 2011

creepy Halloween paper spider

you will need; 
  • black construction card
  • scissors
  • crazy eyes (from a craft store)
  • glue
  • coloured pens or crayons (optional)

1. Cut two circle/oval shapes from your black construction card one must be bigger than the other this will form the body and the head of your spider.

2. to create the legs cut 4 long strips of card they need to be at least 4 times the length of the spiders oval body you could if you wanted more sturdiness opt for black pipe cleaners instead. 

3. glue the round head onto the oval body. only overlap them slightly but enough to give a firm hold. 

 4. glue the legs onto the body be careful to line the legs up exactly in the middle you may wish to measure the length of the legs so that it is even. use a pva glue if you are using pipe cleaners dutch tape also works. 

5.flip the spider over so that the legs are now underneath then bend each leg in the middle to create it's joints.

6. crease a hinge between the legs and the body so that the spider can stand. 

7.  the spider should be able to stand fiddle with it a bit so that it can you may need to trim individual legs that are a little too long.

8. finally add some eyes to your spider. spiders have more than two eyes did you know some species have up to 8. but you can add as may as you want. if don't have eyes to stick on try drawing some on with crayons or a correction fluid pen ask for an adults help when using correction fluid. 

Halloween shadow puppets

remember if you cannot be trusted with scissors or are under 8 years of age please get a responsible adult to help you!

you will need;
  •  construction paper
  • black poster paint 
  • paint brush 
  • scissors
  • glue
  • transparent or white drinking straws
  • scotch tape
  • hole punch 
  • craft knife
  • white fabric or thin sheet of paper
  • string
  • lamp
  • optional cellophane

1.first start with some templates which you can draw or find our print out sheets.
think about how you want your characters to look, remember it's your story so be as creative as you like. find books or use images on the internet to be your source of inspiration. 

2. next cut each individual character out.

3. hole punch any features you wish to emphasize  these would be facial features such as eyes, nose and mouth. or letter on superheroes or stars or patterns.

4. next use the black poster paint to paint each of your characters, this will turn them into silhouettes. Take extra care not to paint over furniture remember to lay down old newspaper or scrap paper before you start to paint. and wash your hands before you touch anything else. you may also wish to put an apron or old painting shirt before you start too.  most poster paint is water soluble meaning it will wash out but check on your paint bottle first as some vary. 

5. let your painted characters dry 

6. if you wish to give your characters eyes colour for an extra spooky effect then add some colored cellophane over the back of the character where their eyes are located. to add pupils either paint a blob on the front of the cellophane or cut small circles of paper using the hole punch and paint then black (let the paint dry before you touch it and be careful when gluing.) 

7. using the scotch tape attach your clear or white drinking straw to the back of your characters.
this is how you will move your silhouettes. 
if you need a longer handle then attach two straws end to end using some tape. 

 8. to make a screen use some thin white fabric or a sheet of thin white paper or maybe tracing paper if you have any. cut is to the desired size.

9. if you want to add some back ground to your story try cutting some shapes such as a moon or trees and hedges and attaching them to one side of your screen.

10. tape the shapes you have cut to the front of the screen

11. this a view from the audience prospective meaning this is the side of the screen the audience will see. 

    this is the side of the screen the puppeteer (you)  will see. 

the finished product 

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

3D paper pumpkin

 Decorate your home or classroom for Halloween with this easy three-dimensional paper pumpkin project.

what you need 

  • orange construction paper 
  • green pipe cleaner
  • glue stick
  • white glue
  • scissors

 fold any sheet of paper in the middle and drawing an arc along the paper's folded edge.


While keeping the paper folded, cut out your pumpkin pattern. 

Trace the pumpkin pattern at least ten times on orange construction paper.

Cut out the pumpkin shapes.

Fold each pumpkin shape in the middle.

Without unfolding a pumpkin shape, apply glue on one of its outer faces.

*We recommend using glue stick instead of white glue or any liquid-type glue to prevent the paper from wrinkling or warping.

Glue a second folded pumpkin shape on top of the first one, keeping both pumpkin shapes aligned at the edges.

Press on the pair of pumpkin shapes to glue them together. Right photo shows how the pair would look when opened up.

Continue gluing the pumpkin shapes one on top of the other, making sure they are aligned along the edges.

After you have positioned the last pumpkin shape in place, cut a length of green pipe cleaner to make the pumpkin's stem. Use white glue to attach it along the straight edge of the pumpkin shapes.

Glue the first and last pumpkin shapes together, sandwiching the pipe cleaner in the middle. You may need to apply more white glue along the pipe cleaner to make sure that it stays in place. Press on the glued area, especially along the section of the pipe cleaner stem.

Once the stem has been secured in place, carefully open up each of the paper flaps to transform your project into a three-dimensional paper pumpkin. When you're happy with how you positioned and spaced the flaps, allow the glue on your paper pumpkin to dry completely. You will discover that once the glue has set, the flaps will be more rigid and your paper pumpkin a lot sturdier.

Trim off any excess length on the pipe cleaner stem. You may slightly curve it or shape it into a hooked handle.

Make these paper pumpkins to decorate your home or classroom for Halloween or autumn. You can put them on tables, hang them or string smaller paper pumpkins together into a Halloween garland.

how to make a witches hat and broomstick

A witch's hat is made up of a tall cone top and a wide brim. Learn how to make and decorate this into a fantastic wearable Halloween hat.


  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • String
  • Glue
  • Compass
  • Stapler
  • Things to decorate your hat
    with: glitter, craft foam, felt
if you are under 8 years old or just can't be trusted with scissors or a compass get a responsible adult to do the cutting for you.(or at least a person who can operate scissors without much injury)

  •  step 1 

Create a cone hat out of black construction paper for a witch's hat or blue/purple construction paper for a wizard's hat following these instructions.

Note that you have the option to make a cone from a half circle or a quarter circle. A half circle makes a cone with a wide base, making it more flexible towards base width adjustments. A quarter circle makes a tall and slim hat. It's good to practice making the quarter circle cone on newspapers first since the resulting hat's narrow base won't allow for much adjustment.


    A wizard's hat may or may not have a brim. If you want a brimless wizard hat, proceed to Step 12. 

If you want to make a brim for your witch or wizard hat, cut short fringes of equal length (about 1 cm or 1/3 inch long) approximately 1 inch apart along the bottom edge of the cone.


Fold out the fringes.


Measure the inside diameter of your cone. It is always good to measure the diameter along several points around the circle. Since your construction paper cone isn't entirely rigid, you will probably get slight variations in measurement. Choose the smallest measurement you get.


Mark out the measured diameter at the center of a large sheet of construction paper (same color as the cone). Mark the midpoint as well.

With a compass anchored at the midpoint, draw a circle following the marked out diameter end points.

Next, draw a bigger circle to define the brim.

Cut out the big circle as well as the inner circle to come up with the brim.

Test the brim's fit on your cone. The brim should fit perfectly and lay flat against the cone's bottom fringes. You can widen the brim's hole, if necessary.

Remove the brim and apply glue around the brim's hole.

Insert the brim from the top of the cone (surface with glue facing down). Press on the joint, allowing the fringes on the cone to stick firmly onto the brim.

Decorate your hat. For a witch hat, you can glue on a band of craft foam, felt sheet, or fabric along the bottom of the cone. Cut out and glue a square buckle as well.

for a wizards hat try making out of blue or dark purple card and adding stars to the outside. 

for a broom stick find a thick stick remove any twigs or leaves from it, the stick needs to be approximately waist height and about 20 cm in diameter.
then find twigs and small sticks approximately 1-5 cm in diameter arrange them around one end of the larger stick and tie them using a earth coloured string.