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throughout this site i hope you find some inspiration, every single person has a dream they wish they could achieve, what's your wish?

through the use of this site i aim to tick every item off my list and raise £500,000 for Make-A-Wish foundation uk. I hope you can be part of that too.

please feel free to browse the site, make a donation via the 'just giving' link if you can, and do not hesitate to contact me at you can also send stories and pictures that maybe published here if you like.

Monday, 12 December 2011

well as some of you will know the very reason my bucket list came into existence was after a careers advisor told me drumming or a career in music was a stupid idea ' yep she really said stupid' and since then i have added to change and even completed parts of my list.

so i thought during this time of good will and merry bliss i would update you.
i am now studying at university music of course,
and have had the great fortune of playing with many talented musicians, recently i even had the pleasure of performing at birmingham's Nation indoor Arena in front of 8,000 on two consecutive nights and i can tell you that was a far from stupid career choice.

however this journey and list has proved more than just me accomplishing some goals and having some fun, it has shown me that you need to dream now matter how stupid, small, big or insignificant they seem to others we all have dreams that we wish to accomplish. and when we try and put our dreams into motion even if they don't turn out exactly how we planned they can change our lives. not just how we live but our abilities and willingness to live.

throughout this adventure of self discovery you awesome guys and gals have also been helping to raise some money for make a wish foundation so a big christmas thanks to you too, the children whose lives you have transformed with your generous donations have all dared to dream, so what is stopping you don't let circumstance stop you open my post how to create a bucket list and start yours today instead of giving something up for new years why not start a life transforming journey of self discovery instead?
and of course don't forget to to donate via the link to the left of this page to help sick children's dreams come true!!!