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Saturday, 18 February 2012

874 see stomp preform COMPLETE!!

874. see STOMP! preform COMPLETE

where do i begin
STOMP! is every percussionists dream, and if your not a percussionist or drummer you'll wanna be after seeing STOMP!

STOMP! is a percussion group with a difference, they only use household and everyday objects such as brooms, trash bins, tin cans, pretty much the kind of stuff your parents told you not to tap but your nan actively encouraged you to play as a toddler!

i for one , being a drummer, have wanted to see this for a very long time now, i don't want this to sound too much like a review but it was awesome, they combined amazing rhythms with a carefully planned out plot so that each section ran almost like a story, then they injected just the right amount of humour and audience participation to keep everyone fully engaged. everyone in the theatre from small kids right through to OAP's seemed to be enjoying it, and for me and i suspect a few other drum types it was heaven, finally something that encourages you to not sit still and tap along and groove a rhythm with them!

if you haven't seen it yet, it's fully recommended!!! if i had to give it marks out of 10 i would give it a strong 20+ it's that good! but you have to see it live.
but here is a little taster of the kind of thing to expect
go book your tickets soon