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throughout this site i hope you find some inspiration, every single person has a dream they wish they could achieve, what's your wish?

through the use of this site i aim to tick every item off my list and raise £500,000 for Make-A-Wish foundation uk. I hope you can be part of that too.

please feel free to browse the site, make a donation via the 'just giving' link if you can, and do not hesitate to contact me at you can also send stories and pictures that maybe published here if you like.


red is complete, orange is in the process.

201.have my fortune told properly
202.light a cuba ciger with a$ note
203.visit the beach from "the beach"
204.collect 50 rubber ducks (my mum loved ducks so they would be for her garden)
205.raise awareness for ADHD a house
207.full moon party in koh pan jang
208.go to a street party
209.try laughing gas to the top of the statue of liberty
211.ride a yellow cab new york
212.make a basket from the half way line
213.make a century (cricket)
214.face an over from -shane warne, shaun pollock,greame swann,andrew'freddie'flintoff. to the top of leaning tower of pisa
216.ride a gondalea
217.see a barber shop quartet sing photographed with 30 different celebrities
219.have a quater mile drag race against the stig(Ben collin)(and no i never gave away his identity he did)
220.go on a photo safari
221.staten island ferry
222.collect a flag and minimum 2 souviners from every country i visit
223.go on a treasure hunt
224.dive in ship wrecks
226.see santa in lapland
227.turn £50 into £250 at a carboot sale
228.restore a piece of furniture
229.restore a classic car
230.give a homeless person food
231.give blood vintage jewellery in brighton at the o2 arena
235.knit something and use it
236.have a go at glass blowing
237.have a white christmas
238.stay in a different city for each letter of the alphabet
239.collect lots of cool Tshirts from various events
240.send house hold tip into a magazine for £20
241.see a geyser blow photographed next to 50 landmarks
243.go to a roller disco
244.hold a bird of prey
245.bathe in a natural hot tub somewhere for just a day
247.ride the london/ paris and newyork underground
248.go to america for 4th of july
249.see shakespear at the globe a box at the theatre
251.row a boat in the sea a film in gold class over £800 in a box for a rainy day
254.create a world record for the most people doing a mexican wave
255.send a message in a bottle
256.make a scrapbook that i take around the world and anyone can get involved and add to it. a snowman taller than 10ft
258.visit 25 uk cities
259.visit 25 cities in the rest of the world a whole series of 24 in 24 hrs
261.go on free grabbing spree's
262.go to a comedy club a tower of cards that actually lasts for more than 5mins
264.go to a lock in lighting fork the ground an electrical storm from the sea
268.throw a pint over someone
269.ride in a horse drawn carriage
270.have a proper spa mud bath
271.have a snowball fight on the north or south pole in times square for new years an amazing tree house
274.own over 300 DVD's
275.own classic vinyl records
276.use the abbey road crossing
277.take a random free course at a college
278.ride a limo
279.put my hand in the fountain of truth rome
280.visit the copacobana (brazil)
281.spend st patricks day in ierland
282.take a river boat trip on a famous river
283.walk over the rialto bridge (venice italy)
284.visit a famous movie landmark something at world's end (london)
286.throw a coin in the trevi fountain (rome)
287.swim the English channel
288.dive off a yaught into the sea for a swim
289.climb the 7 volcanic summits
290.climb the 2nd 7 volcanic summits
291.go volcano surfing
292.see the blackpool illuminations
293.ride the world's 10 highest rollercoasters
  1. kingda ka  -six flags great adventure jackson, NJ, USA
  2. top thrill dragster- cedar point, sandusky ohio,USA
  3. superman the escape- sixfalgs magic mountain, valencia, california, USA
  4. tower of terror II- dreamworld, coomera, queensland, australia
  5. steel dragon 2000- nagashima, mie japan
  6. millennium force- sandusky,ohio,USA
  7. itimadator305- kings dominiom, doswell, vaginia, USA
  8. thunder dolphin- tokyo dome city,bunkyo, tokyo japan
  9. fujiyama + eejanaika-juji q island, yamanishi ,japan. 
  10. titan-six flags over texas, arlington, texas, USA
294.come either 1st/2nd/3rd in apub quiz
295.make a great pizza 100% from scratch all the nightmare on elm street films back to back in one go all the saw films back to back all the friday the 13th films back to back a great professional firework display
300.ride the 10 fastest roller coasters in the world
  1. kingda ka  -six flags great adventure jackson, NJ, USA
  2. top thrill dragster- cedar point, sandusky ohio,USA
  3. dodonpa- juji q island, yamanishi ,japan
  4. tower of terror II- dreamworld, coomera, queensland, australia
  5. steel dragon 2000- nagashima, mie japan
  6. millennium force- sandusky,ohio,USA
  7. goliath- sixfalgs magic mountain, valencia, california, USA + phantom's revenge, kennywood, west mifflin pensylvania, ,USA + titan-six flags over texas, arlington, texas, USA
  8. furious baco, port adventure, salou, tarragona, spain
  9. Xcelerator, knotts berry farm, buena park, california,USA
  10.  fujiyama juji q island, yamanishi ,japan. + thunder dolphin- tokyo dome city,bunkyo, tokyo japan
301.have a night out at the dog racing a bet on a horse race and collect horse racing
304.see a disney parade a drive thru movie
306.silly helium voice
307.toast marshmellows over a camp fire something at a police/ballif auction
309.learn a couple of songs on a guitar
310.learn trumpet
311.learn saxophone
312.learn harmonica
313.learn some latin
314.go away with an empty case and come back with it full
315.smash plates in greece
316.see at least 10 of the world's greatest peices of art
318.see big ben strike 12 noon
319.stay up over 72 hours
320.go to the nottinghill carnival
321.go to the rio carnival
322.ride an elephant
323.see the grand canyon
324.have a house of my own i can make my own
325.see England play competatively live (cricket/football/rugby)
326.climb the hollywood sign
327.see a game at wimbeldon a full 1st aid course (i have an introduction)
329.see over 5000 films within my life
330.join a flash mob an award tequilla shots in mexico
333.go on a game show and win some cash
334.ride a horse
335.go to at least 50 great concerts
336.put $1000 on black 14 in vegas
337.have a professional photograph with friends and family taken
338.have my palm read
339.throw the biggest best party this side of the millennium £200 in copper, £400 in silver, £200 in gold in an oversized alcohol bottle
341.go to a huge foam party
342.grow herbs and vegetables to cook with
343.hold a monkey
344.brew my own booze
345.walk along the hollywood hall of fame
346.climb the eiffel tower
347.shower in a waterfall in a TV audience (first recording of britians got talent)
350.appear in the papper the news the weather my own business
354.tell  Sir Alan Sugar he is fired!
355.go to a real high school prom
356.get drunk on proper absinthe
357.drink in a pub in England/scotland/ierland/wales
358.fill a charm bracklet in a police line up
360.wear handcuffs a stage dive
362.hold a snake
363.own a pet snake
364.own a crocodile
365.visit 10 capital cities
366.drink milk that isn't from a cow or goat
367.smash open a pinatta
368.see the gaudi building barcelona
369.stay in the belaggio las vegas
370.create a family tree
372.spend a night in a haunted castle/house/school/woods/pub/hotel
373.go to a ghost town in america
374.see a lunar eclipse
375.see a solar eclipse
376.sleep under the stars (biviwaking)
377.take a ride on the cable car over san francisco
378.take a ride in the cable car over manhattan
379.complain effectively
380.spend a day reading a great novel
381.put my name down to be a passenger on the first tourist shuttle to the moon
382.ride a camel into the desert
383.plant a tree
384.ride the transsiberian express across asia
385.ride the indian paciffic from sydney to perth and back again
386.sit on a jury someone's mentor somebody's life
389.teach someone illiterate to read
390.stay out all night and go out the next day without having to go home
391.donate a building, park bench, a college/or uni scholarship.
392.spend 3 months getting my body into optimium shape a convertable through nevada top down and music blasting
394.learn to use a microphone and give a great speach in public
395.have dinner suspended from a hotair balloon high up
396.attend a really massive rock concert
397.marry a starnger in vegas
398.kiss the blarney stone and develop the gift of the gab
399.go to a concentration camp and never forget the carnage
400.get a lovely bunch of flowers for mummy