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throughout this site i hope you find some inspiration, every single person has a dream they wish they could achieve, what's your wish?

through the use of this site i aim to tick every item off my list and raise £500,000 for Make-A-Wish foundation uk. I hope you can be part of that too.

please feel free to browse the site, make a donation via the 'just giving' link if you can, and do not hesitate to contact me at you can also send stories and pictures that maybe published here if you like.


701.visit sea world
702.tea at Windsor
703.orient express a steam train
705.ride a punt
706.go to a medieval banquet
707.have ago at jousting
708. canal trip
709.hand feed big cats
710.ride in a horse drawn carriage
711.see a shuttle launch
712.go to the Bahamas
713.sea world
714. Kennedy space centre
715. hold massive auction dinner
716.floatation tank pedicure a giant magnificent tree house
719.make a basket from centre court (basketball)
720.fell running at coopers hill (Gloucester)
721.walk along the UK coastline
722.form a huge marching band through a city centre
723.lawn mower racing
724. do a week completly barefoot
725.sleep in a teepee
727.crash a ferrari
728.have a go at chainsaw carving
729.have a go at glass-blowing
730.sheep shearing
731.sheep herding
732.jump off a waterfall
724.dune buggy across a desert an igloo
726.go to a live ice hockey game diving
728.jet boating limit areas
731.train surfing
732.lift(elevator) surfing
733. craning a tank
736.see Vesuvius volcano (Italy)
737. Franz Josef glacier (aus) forest (germ) grotto (ITA)
740.12 Apostles (aus)
741.loch Ness lake (scot, UK)
742. Niagara falls (Canada/USA)
743.angel falls (south America)
744. Amazon river
745. explode a toilet
746.jump on to a stunt catch mat from a roof top
747.swim in a giant mug of beer/swim in a giant Martini glass
748.climb the Eiffel tower
749.see the colic-um
750. Athens ruins acropolis
751.taj mah al
752.golden gate bridge
753.stone hedge
754.angel of the north
755. Sydney opera house
756. basilica San maraca Venice
757. St peters basilica Vatican Rome
759.petra Jordan
760. Christ redeemer
761. Galapagos islands tunnel
763.panama canal
764. see disused underground NY
765.helicopter over Ayers rock
766.mount Fuji
767.mount Rushmore
768.giant redwoods
769.produce my own 3D animation
770.produce a big patch work quilt that others can add to a kit car
772.send tour Ben and jerry's factory
773.take a week to live in the woods on Waikiki beach
775.ride an ostrich a blimp
777.sand dive
778.set something on fire with thermite
779.trash a hotel room
780.set a prison escape (not a real one)
781.extreme ironing
782.roll a car on it's roof a hovercraft
784.abseil from a helicopter
785.water ski
787.wind surf
788.walk on a beam between two hot air balloons
789.high speed car chase
790.abseil face first down a wall like spiderman a drum kit from car parts
792.see the Alamo
793.present a shark and ray feeding demonstartion
794.bob sleigh
795.circus skills
796.slack line
797.pour washing up liquid into a fountain
798.start a dance with strangers to dancing in the street to the place names mentioned in the song
799.crowd surf
800.skip down street and hand out balloons
801.spelunking (cave crawling)
802.roof hopping
803.catapult to a safety net
804. San Francisco/ Manhattan cable cars frisked by the police 
806.throw stuff at a police riot sheild
807.stand behind a police riot sheild
808.have CS spray in the face (just to see what it's like)
809.participate in a powwow a house a meteor shower
812.bog snorkelling
813.dinner party under a hot air balloon
814.sit on top of a hot air balloon and sky dive off it
815.motorbike jump
816. SWAT for the day
817.soldiers for the day
818.police academy a huge block party
820. Indiana jones for a day
821.spend a night in a prison cell
822.sketch with will Farrell a Mountie tennis with John Mcenroe
825.marathon on every continent
826.marathon in every state
827.hike the Appalachia trail
828.down hill dirt bike racing
829.tubing ice hockey
831.try fencing a robot
833.split an arrow with another arrow (archery)
834.conduct an orchestra
835.ride a gyrocopter by seaplane
837.go on a scooter tour across a country
838.participate in the rickshaw run (across india) to the moon water rafting bear grylls  of modern art (Manhattan)
843.metropolitan museum of art (ny)
844.explore a tomb
845. Auschwitz
846.island hop in the Caribbean
847.universal studios
848.steamboat Mississippi
849. Hershey chocolate factory Pennsylvania
850.climb to the top of the Seattle space needle
851.visit the "four corners"  (area where Arizona,new  Mexico, Utah, and Colorado meet stand in all 4 states at once) of the dead (Mexico)
853.pogo stick a mile
854.twitchike (hitch hike across the world using only the generosity of those on following on twitter)
855.spend a week on necker island
856.go to the Maldives a speed boat
858.visit25 capital cities
859.front row at a NBA game
860.visit copacabana beach Brazil
861.helicopter over a volcano erupting
862.score a penalty kick at Wembley stadium
863.stand on the equator the dahlia lama mining
866.feed a crocodile a noble prize
868. Indianapolis 500
870.palms read
871.see alien sightings
872.hand out notes of money to strangers
873. perform with stomp
874.see stomp perform
875.JCB racing
876.climb Sydney harbour bridge
877.climb the blue mountains
878.ayres rock(uluru) by Harley Davidson
879. hot-air balloon across vast areas
880.give a group of kids more than an average adults weight in sweets and chocolate on the sleeper train across Australia (Sydney -Perth)
882.go tiger snake hunting in Perth
883. survive a snake bite a gold medal
885.roll a car on it's roof and come out unscaved
886. Australia stunt academy 20 songs on the piano
888.leave a large sum of cash in a secret place with strict instructions that who ever finds it must use a set amount to help someone else, some for themselves and the rest to have a party and get all their neighbours involved!
889.gain  surf instructor qualifications
890.gain dive master qualifications
891.gain tandem skydive instructor qualifications (after grade D certificate of course)
892.enter a soapbox derby
893.milk a venomous snake
894.swim with orcas (killer whales to you and me)
895.catch a piranha  fish
896.climb the outside of the empire state building
897.BASE jump
898.create my own record label
899.make a gun out of a pen the 500 best movie's of all time or watch every shake spear play 100 of the greatest books or novels ever written lacrosse
904.have ago at clog dancing
905.mush a reindeer
906.take a group of kids to see Santa in Lapland
907.hang from the wing of a plane in flight
908.see if i can get 100 people to smile back to me in one day
909.make 10 people laugh in one day
910.compliment anyone i meet  for a day
911.pass on a useful piece of advise to a child
912.hoola hoop 3 at the same time for more than 2 minutes more than 5 keepy up's
914.get a huge conga line going of more than 100 people
915.feed a sea lion a fish
916. trapeze
917.learn magic tricks
918.bathe in champange someone else with heterochromia on heterochromia day
920.set a pyrotechnics show a storm at sea
922.board with tony hawks/mike mcgill
923.present a weather report
924.moon a live tv report
925.skate board a loop
926.grant someone their wish on world wish day the batmobile
928.write music for a blockbuster movie
929.invent an ice cream flavour for ben and jerry's steel pans/drums
931.see penguins on the beach percussion
933.make a new smoothie flavour buried in the sand in the sahara
935.snorkle in the red sea
936.ride in a tuk tuk in a jet pack
938.see a 100 year old toitoise
939.see a kamodo
940.catch a puffin
941.go into a control room a NASA a real life astronaught
943.go inside a nasa shuttle
944.teach a class of primary school kids
945. go on an epic adventure with Bear Grylls
956. Glowworm cave new-zeland
957. maid in the mist boat tour Niagara falls
958.nightmare fear factory in GhostBusters 3 (or any others that follow,preferably as Ghostbuster but will settle for an extra!)
960.appalachain trail
961. zombie boot camp
962.find the throne of human skulls
963.cannoe the bloodvien river
964.artic circle race
965.royal canadian mounted police
966.mud olympics
967.heroes of telemark
968.secrets of a spy
969.escape the invasion
970.northfolk secret beach
971.hostage rescue
972.wild food foraging
973.BASE jumping school in idaho
974.go into mayan caves at the gate of hell
976.follow in sherlock holmes footsteps in dartmoor
977.honary citizen of banda islands mission
978.jungle survival
979.dragon boat race austria with the inuit (very north canada)
981.the simien mountains and lalibela (ethiopia)
982.darien gap
983.truffle hunting in umbria river gorge climbing
985.swim in a guatemalan volcano
986.trek hidden valleys of pamir
987.second city watch a show/ participate in a drop in workshop
988. hot baths in iceland
989.snorkel jellyfish lake
990.storm watch vancouver island
991.ride cresta run zealand coast to coast pipeline usa/ surf bells beach australia/ river surfing munich/jeffery's bay south africa/puerto escondido mexico
995.snowmobile moose trail usa
996.cave at gunung mulu national park / cave at actun tunichil muknal belize/ karst region solvenia
997.climb El capitans nose usa/ el chorro spain./climb in rio de janerio brazil/ 100 mountains japan
998.tree climb pemberton austrailia/ climb dolomites italy
999.dive blue holes bahamas/ night dive with manta rays usa/ hammerhead shark diving costa rica
1000.canyoneer in paria canyon usa
1001.hike south west coast path england/ larapinta trail australia/kalalau trail usa
1002.sail bermuda triangle/ sail south pacific /whitsunday islands oz /british virgin islands
1003.iceberg alley canada/ kayak glacier bay usa
1004.snorkel sardine run south africa
1005.climb uk's natural beauties (snowdonia, lake district, munros, croagh patrick,  etc)
1006.west coast trail canada/ trans canada trail /quittinirpaaq national park canada
1007.paddle the south nahanni canada
1008.kayak the bitches wales/ kayak yasawa islands fiji the dempster highway canada
1010.join the 300 club antartica
 1011 drive the canning stock route australia
1012 komodo dragons indonesia
1013 morning glory clouds oz /franklin river rafting
1014.moab halloween n cycle utah usa
1015. climb mt arapiles oz /cave tube waitomo new zealand/ climb potrero chico mexico
1016 cavern diving yucatan mexico
1017.hike in newzealand /simen mountains ethiopia
1018.snorkel with manatees usa/ muck dive samari islands papua new guinea
1019. plymouth- banjul rally
1020 sky jump aukland nz
1021.climb the munro's (scotland/ireland) corbettes, grahams. 
1022. face Sylvester Stallone in a boxing match (rocky balboa)