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throughout this site i hope you find some inspiration, every single person has a dream they wish they could achieve, what's your wish?

through the use of this site i aim to tick every item off my list and raise £500,000 for Make-A-Wish foundation uk. I hope you can be part of that too.

please feel free to browse the site, make a donation via the 'just giving' link if you can, and do not hesitate to contact me at you can also send stories and pictures that maybe published here if you like.

list 401-700

401.paddle on 25 or more different coast lines
402.paint someone's portrait
403.have my portrait painted a round the world airticket, a rugsac and runaway (temporaraly)
405.go into a massive maze
406.go ape adventure highropes course
408.kill and prepare an animal for eating
409.make 1000 origami cranes
410.shoot a riffle/shotgun/machinegun/pistol/sniper riffle
411.ride a motorcycle
412.australia stunt academy (brisbane) money on a tv gameshow
414.petted a stingray
415.wing walking
416.write an artical for a large publication
417.sing loudly in a veichle and not stop even when im sure someone is looking
418.pilot a plane
419.created and named a constellation of stars
420.go on a cruise ship
421.shotgun wedding vegas
422.crash a posh do
423.have a go at fencing
424.get my black belt in kung fu
425.go to glastonbury music festival
426.pretended to be a superhero
427.milk a cow
428.learn to rock climb properly with a stranger in a foreign country
430.visit all 50 states of america
431.adopt an accent for an entire day
432.hold alamb
433.have a snow ball fight in antartica
434.have a huge food fight
435.looked up at the night sky through a telescope a meteor shower
437.see aurora boreallis (northen/southen lights)
438.touch an iceberg
439.see a show at a blues bar in chicago
440.go inside the great paramid everyone in a pub a round of drinks
442.close encounter bear watching
443.go on an endurance race
444.storm chasing fishing ty pennington
447.olympic ski jump
448.creat a design that make it to the chelsea flowershow's biggest water fight thailand's newsyears festival the sun rise from a lighthouse
451.try ice/sand/stone/wood sculpture
452.tour a vineyard
453.see a classic peice of cinema (like stranger's on a train) investment property
455.float in a floatation tank
456.learn BMX tricks
457.learn pool/snooker tricks
458.learn skill ball tricks
459.learn to breakdance
460.squash grapes with my feet to make wine in a VW camper van
462.interview a group of kids
463.tour universal studio's
464.skywalk-centre point tower australia
465.ride a harley davidson
466.have a go in a coracal boat
467.catch fireflies
468.attend a movie premire
469.guest on a radio show
470.see the red arrows
471.find a dinosaur bone
472.ship in a bottle
473.cycle the annual london to brighton bike ride
474.coast to coast walk
475.try my hand at trotting
476.have a go at a high jump
477.try pole volting bare foot for a week
479.breathe fire
480.walk on hot coals
481.participate in tough guy challenge uk
482.sleep in a teepee
483.sleep in a yurt
484.stand in the glass room in the sears building Chicago
485.see these animals in the world
  1. panda
  2. rhino
  3. hippo
  4. grizzly bear
  5. elephant
  6. huming bird
  7. giraffe
  8. koala bear
  9. manatee
  10. gorilla
  11. lion
  12. monkey
  13. penguin
  14. kangaroo
  15. tiger
  16. crocodile
  17. orangutan
  18. eagle
  19. polar bear
  20. alagator
486.see the collecium (italy)
487.see the christ redeemer (brazil)
488.cross the golden gate bridge
489.learn an amazin' party trick and make a computer game and sleep in an igloo
492.learn to live without these item for a week; tv,phone,pc,internet,junk food.
493.get a free up grade on a plane
494.create a cocktail
495.jump off a water fall
496.bury a time capsule
497.get on the cover of a magazine
498.grant someone their dying wish
499.have a go at wrestling
500.stay at the poseidon hotel
501.crawl through a war tunnel in vietnam
502.angor wat cambodia
503.see an ice hockey game live on the bonneville salt flats a least 3 silent movies
506.pike place market,( seattle)
507.see mount rushmore
508.faneuil hall market place (boston) chees in a park in the USA
510.mush a dog sled
511.spectate a session at the US supreme court
512.ride a submarine
513.see iguaza falls
514.fjords of norway
515.basillica di san marco (venice)
516.acropolis (greece)
517.see stone henge
518.see a show at sydney opera house (australia)
519.lascaux cave slufrance (historic paintings) hypnotised
521.go to a renaissance fair
522.invent a new flavour of ice cream with a tribe to learn bush craft a sports streak
526.have a go at being a jockey
527.visit my name sake athalon
530.kiss a celebrity
531.swim in devil's pool -victoria falls
532.bell ring in a church
533.tour ben & jerry's factory
534.tour Jack Daniel's distilery
535.tour the white house
536.tour houses of parliment
537.tour lamborghini factory
538.tour cadbury factory ...again
539.visit the unknown soldier in arlington
540.take amonth to live in the woods on waikiki beach (hawaii)
542.learn each of the instrument parts to jessica -the allman's brothers band) a steam train a blimp peter pan at Disney world.
546.climb into a pit of pythons
547.visit folsom prison
548.smash a guitar on stage
549.throw a suprise party
550.burning man with rockstars
552.tour de france
553.walk the red carpet
554.stand under an aeroplane as it lands for a strangers groceries
556.kiss a famous cup or trophie
557.cut a ribbon at a big event
558.take a stranger for dinner
559.give a stranger a $100 bill (in usa or australia)
560.go down a mountain on a long board
561.destroy a computer
562.lead a parade the news
564.special ops covert
565.louvre (museum in france)
566.stay at the chataeu de la chevre d'or eu hotel (france)
567.genghis khan warrior trainning (mogolia) road rally (newzealand)
569.boady guard training dive as everest as backdrop (HALO)
571.bog snorkel
572.light a fire without the use of a match, lighter, flint.
573.restore a classic car a guest voice on the simpsons
575.climb the great pyramid dan aykroyd
577.olympic ski jump
578.see sumo wrestling/wwe wrestling
579.motorbike tour across a country
580.bob sliegh a go kart
582.BASE jumping
583.have a drum off against these drummers;
  • dave grohl
  • tre cool (greenday)
  • travis barker
  • adrian young
  • thomas lang
  • benny grebb
  • bernard perdey
  • assaf seewi
  • Zac starrkey
  • oscar harrison
  • clem burke
  • adam willard
  • chad smith
  • jo jo meyer on the big piano new york a la tom hanks (movie big) battle Italy
586.moon a live TV reporter
587.wrestle jon cena
588.arm wrestle Arnold Schwarzenegger a guest voice in a movie animation/ TV animation
590.visit the house of blues
591.mud wrestle/jelly wrestle
592.create a zombie flash mob
593.see the Chicago cubs play live 
594. see the Boston red sox vs. new York Yankees at fen-way park.
595.ride creaser chariot down the strip in las Vegas.
596.kidnap a celebrity
597.see death valley
598.create the world record for most people doing a stadium(Mexican) wave turtles hatch a run for the sea.
600. hand feed a kangaroo.
601.catch fire flies
602.own my own mini business empire
603.dive a ship wreck
604.hide buried treasure and create a map onto a deserted island.
605.guest on the radio
606.see the red arrows
607.find a dinosaur bone
608. storm chase
609.volcano surf
610.swim with great white-sharks both in and out of the cage 
611.go into area 51.
612.road trip to find all the potential UFO and Alien sightings
613.see the N-Y Police museum 
614.see the NYFD area 
615. new Orleans Mardi gras festival walk
617.mount rushmore
618.ghost hunt with the LA insitute of parapsychology.
619.celebrate thanks giving in america with an American family
620.celebrate 4th july in USA (independence day) 
621.go to Canada to celebrate Canada day(1st july) 
622.celebrate thanks giving in Canada
623.trotting racing
624.learn skateboard tricks
625.learn card and magic tricks cookies with the cookie monster
627.volunteer to help with an Extreme makeover:home edition walk centre point tower
629.ride a Harley Davidson/ triumph/ an Indian/ Kawasaki/chopper/ 
630.hit a home run on a famous pitch an F1 car
632.dunn's river falls Jamaica
633.slide down a giant waterslide in the middle of a street tomatina bunol- spain (tomato fight)
635.ride the train cross country from sydney to perth someone's mentor
637.learn the following languages with some degree of skill (even if it's only up to a 4year old standard)
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Greek
  • Latin
  • Spanish
  • Norwegian
  • Russian
  • Welsh
  • polish
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • British sign language 
  •  be able to read some brail
638.see a live ice hockey match
639.attempt to drift in a double decker bus a monster truck a tiger moth.
642.husky dog-sled
643.go into space
644.kangaroo ball along the great wall of china
645.underwater restaurant 
646.float in the dead sea tomatina bunol (tomato fight spain)
648.go to the geographical south pole/north pole/ magnetic north pole/ magnetic south pole. hotel Sweden
650.swim with polar bears
651.swim with crocodiles
652.score a perfect game bowling
653. see sumo wrestling Japan
654.light a cigar with a $ bill
655.try laughing gas
656.ride an elephant the autobahn/ drive the nurburgring
658. Rio carnival/ Notting hill carnival/a state carnival
659.go on a great adventure
660. sand board in the sahara desert
661.bear watch in Canada
662.tour the white house
663. Oktoberfest Munich
664.teach some illiterate to read/ be someone's mentor
665.kiss the blarney stone
666.climb into a pit of vipers
667.brew my own beer at over 100mph
669.sit in a judges chair/sit in the jury/be a witness/ give testimony in court my own constellation of stars
671.gondola in Venice
672. deserted island for a week and bury a treasure chest with a map for a future generation to find
673.go to a summer music festival
674.coast to coast walk
675.have snowball fight on top of Everest/ north pole/south pole.
676.touch an iceberg
677.see northern lights from a hot tub in the snow
678.climb a pyramid
679.climb the 48 continental peaks of USA
680.rob a bank (maybe not for real) ride a chariot from Ceasers palace Vegas
682.kidnap a celebrity maybe not for real)
683.commit grand theft auto (maybe not for real)
684.around the world by natural power
685.24 hour endurance race
686.cattle muster
688.balloon animals
689.tour abandoned underground mine shaft
690.rally isle of man
691. vespa  tour
692.old Chicago beer tour
693. tour jack daniel's distillery
694. assistant direct a blockbuster
695. bribe my way itno a secret KGB office
696.cross the brooklyn bridge on foot
697.go inside a palace/mansion/castle/submarine/hot air balloon/
698. start my own mini business empire
699.volunteer at australia zoo
700.create chocolate bars and sweets