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Saturday, 12 March 2011


I did this just to see how kids see the world around them. i have to be honest i veiw the world completly differently to how i did as a child, mainly because i know a bit more now or at least i am supposed to.
i tried to pick topics that wouldn't normally be aimed at kids but they may have some knowledge about, and i have to say some of the answers the kids gave were brilliant we maybe should follow their example they had some great ideas not all plausable but great never the less, most however where just funny. i had so much fun doing this i am planning to do it again with a larger scale of kids and more questions and produce the questions with answers in a book and a pecentage of sales will be donated to make a wish foundation. i will give more details on this when it happens so for now this item will turn orange instead of red!
if you have kids try to interveiw them they will give some hillarious answers others will make you think and/or be awe inspiring, please if you can interveiw kids or have some funny stories that kids have said or done or that maybe you did as a child please share them so they can be included in the book. email (if you don't want the child's name credited don't attach it if however you wish for either your name or the child's name to be credited in the book please make a note at the end of your story/interveiw.)

here are just a few that i found quite funny.

what do you think about climate change, where the polar ice caps are melting?
A: it's really bad, why do the polar bears keep melting the polar bear ice caps? when they get out of the water they will have no where to get dry again and cook some fish or bacon!

who is the boss in your house?
A: me!
A: daddy is when mummy's not around!
A:it's gotta be mum coz dad doesn't know anything!

what do you think it might be like in 10 years time?
A: scary, i hope we don't go back to Roman times. (i think he may have been studying the Roman's recently)
A: flying cars would be cool but only if i had a driving licence.
A: aleins and dinosaurs will attack the earth and we will have to fight them with spoons (not entirely sure what goes on in that lads head)

what is a daddy's job? what do daddy's do?
A: to work and tell you off for punching ya sister.
A: to eat all the food and watch football
A: mum said dad's job is to drive her crazy i don't know what that means but i think it has something to do with the TV!

what is a mummy's job?
A: to cook and clean and do everything (infact alot of the kids thought a mum's job is to cook and clean)
A: to love you be you best-est-est freind and guide you to be a betterest person (yep she really did say better est, but i thought this one was sweet.)
A: mummy's are evil they make you do homework, and clean your bedroom, and kiss your stupid auntie, dad's are the same they think that doing homework will save the world, they shoud just be quite and let me watch cartoon's i think they will like ben10 if they just try it, like they made me try broccoli and now i like it, they will like ben10. (not sure but i get the impression this boy perfers watching ben10 instead of doing homework)

kids really do say some bazzaire things and i think that was proof so hopefully there will be a book full of these little gems and bits of knowledge you didn't think you needed to know to purchase soon! remember a pecentage will be donated to make a wish foundation so get thinking of some great little pearls of wisdom your kids have and send them to me to be published in the book