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throughout this site i hope you find some inspiration, every single person has a dream they wish they could achieve, what's your wish?

through the use of this site i aim to tick every item off my list and raise £500,000 for Make-A-Wish foundation uk. I hope you can be part of that too.

please feel free to browse the site, make a donation via the 'just giving' link if you can, and do not hesitate to contact me at you can also send stories and pictures that maybe published here if you like.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

an inspiration to me

i want to tell you a story about someone who i think is an inspiration and i don't think he even believe's he is.

About two weeks ago i was walking home in the rain, it was about 5.30pm and i saw a guy crossing the road. Nothing unusaul there, only this guy was blind when i caught up to him he was about to walk into a wall, so i asked him if he was ok? he replied "im lost i went into the shop and i think i've gone the wrong way" so i asked him where he wanted to get to, he told me the name of the road, knowing it was only about a 10 minute walk and i was already soaked it seemed like the right thing to do, to walk him where he needed to be. so i did.
As we walked to be polite he started a convisation asking me what i did, i told him i am studying music and he then told me that he plays harmonica, i told him that i had a harmonica and learnt part of a song but wasn't much good he then told me that it was harmonica and music that kept him going when he lost his sight aged just 11. He continued his story and as he spoke it was quite clear that he had been through some depressing times but he had come out of them using music as his savior, and since then he has played live and now runs his own shop and is even learning guitar now!

to me this man is a true inspiration he first thought the hand he was dealt but has come to except it not only that but make the most of the things he has he even suggested giving me harmonica lessons! so i guess the moral to this story is from the mans perspective is don't take anything for granted and to make the most of the resources you have. and from my perspective that if you take just a small bit of time to help someone out you never know your kindness may pay you back in ways you never excpected (though i didnt excpect to be paid back at all.)

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Hello and Welcome

hello and welcome with the help of this site my main objective is to share stories, plans and anything else that helps my mission.

well it's quite simple i want to help others achieve their personal goals as well as maybe a few of my own. i want anybody to share their stories and hopefully inspire others to do the same through the use of a kind of social networking site and i also wish to raise awareness and help raise money for make a wish foundation uk, through the use of this site. i would also like to include some tips to starting your own bucket list. tips to help tick them off and maybe even some ideas to help you acheieve goals you never realised you could.


  1. there are many things you can do you can take note of the charities and causes i am trying to help raise awareness for.
  2. encourage other people
  3. post inspirational comments
  4. post your stories
  5. post your lists
  6. give some constructive advise to anyone that may need it
  7. help to raise awareness for the causes i intend to help
  8. tell us how you are getting on with your list


a bucket list is a list that you write with all of the things you want to achieve in your life and they can be anything, absolutly anything. from passing your driving test to bungee jumping of the tallest bridge in the world.see bucket list ideas for ideas to get you started.