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throughout this site i hope you find some inspiration, every single person has a dream they wish they could achieve, what's your wish?

through the use of this site i aim to tick every item off my list and raise £500,000 for Make-A-Wish foundation uk. I hope you can be part of that too.

please feel free to browse the site, make a donation via the 'just giving' link if you can, and do not hesitate to contact me at you can also send stories and pictures that maybe published here if you like.

food and drink

things to try to eat....

1. caviar
2. escargot (snail)
3. squid
4. world largest burrito (7 lbs)
5. kangaroo
6. aligator
7. lobster
8. crocodile
9. ostrich and/or egg
10. octipus
11. shark
12. crab
13. BBQ'd shrimp
14. oysters
15. squirrel
16. emu
17. sparrow
18. pheasant
19. venison
20. nettle tea
21. huevos rancheros (ranch eggs, mexican breakfst)
22. steak tartare
23. cheese fondue - (i've done a chocolate one, emm chocolate)
24. Borscht (a soup from ukraine)
25. baba ghanoush (mashed egg plant)
26. calamari (fried squid, im sure i had this when i was younger but just to be sure)
27. allo gobi (yellow potato curry)
28. epoisses (a cheese)
29. black truffle
30. fruit wine ( made without grapes)
31. steamed porkbuns
32. pistachio ice cream
33. Ben and jerry's vermonster challenge
34. heirloom tomatoes
35. more wild berries
36. foiegras (made with goose or duck liver)
37. brawn cheese
38. raw scotch bonnet pepper
39. bakalara (sweet turkish pastry)
40. bagna cauda (hot sauce)
41. wasabi peas
42. clam chouder in a sour dough bowl
43. sweet lassi (milk drink)
44. sauerkraut (sour cabbage)
45. root beer float
46. cognac brandy
47. clotted cream tea (again just because it's sooo nice)
48. vodka jelly
49. gumbo (mardi gras stew)
50. oxtail tew
51. curried goat
52. a malt whisky directly from the bottle
53. fugu (pufferfish)
54. eel
55. krispy kream original glazed donuts
56. sea urchin
57. prickely pear
58. umeboshi (pickeled fruit from japan)
59. abalone (sea snails)
60. S'mores (again and again and again...)
61.battered mars bar
62.timtams (australian biscuit)
63.paella in spain
64.giant sized chupa chup lolly
65.sushi at a sushi resturant
66.battered scorpian fruit still warm from the sun
68.drink coconut milk straigh froma coconut from the tree in 15 + McDonalds worldwide fresh fish that was caught that day catfish
72.paranas and chips from brighton beach and chips from blackpool golden mile
75.some much chocolate from cadburys until i feel sick
76.champagne and strawberries in bed
77.drink a manhattan in manhattan
78.drink a vintage bottle of wine
79.drink a bottle of champange to myself
80.hotdogs and falafel from a street cart in new York
81.brawn cheese
82.foiegras dung coffee (vietnam)
84.dulche de leche
87.banna cauda
88.wasabi peas
90.clam chouder in sour bowl
91.salted lassi
92.sauer kraut
93.root beer float
97.gin martini
99.carob chips
100.sweet bread
101.crystal head vodka
103.curry wiest
105.frogs legs
106.funnel cakes
107. Jim beam whiskey
109.fried plantain
112. Canadian club whiskey
114.hostess fruit pie
116.lapsang souchong
118.tom yum
123.criollo chocolate
124.rose harissa
125.make 7 recipes using spam
126.mole poblano
127.bagel and lox
128.lobster thermidor
130.jamacian blue mountain coffee
131. more-ton baybugs
132. Greek cuisine
133. Thai cuisine
134. Mexican cuisine
138.oz meat pie
139. octopus
141.salt watered taffy
142.jerk chicken
143.corn dog
144.moon pie
145.unleavened bread
146.devils food cake
148. Hershey chocolate until i feel ill
149. every flavor of pop tart available.
150. a couple of the gut buster challenges